What to look For In A Small Standard Double Divan

If you are looking to buy a new bed you may well be considering a small double divan. Many houses, whether they are old or modern, have bedrooms that will simply not accommodate a standard double divan bed, and certainly not a king size. Therefore, the small double (4’0″ wide) may be the only choice. It’s either that or separate bedrooms which may not be what either partner wants.

Double Divan BedThe small double divan does have its limitations, not the least of which is that there is not the same amount of width as in a standard double storage bed. That extra six inches in the standard is only three inches each and yet it can make a lot of difference. If you and your partner sleep well and do not have a tendency to toss and turn, then the extra closeness of a small double will not make any difference.

However, if one partner is restless it can be a problem. That said, if the room will simply not permit a larger bed, then a small one is going to have to be the choice.

It is always advisable to visit a bedding store rather than purchasing online – unless you are familiar with that particular model. Remember that you are going to spend around 30,000 hours in this bed, if not more. Yes, that’s eight hours a night for the next ten years, which is the recommended amount of time that the Sleep Council in the UK suggests a bed should last.

When you consider that the Sleep Council is made up of bedding manufacturers and that their goal is to sell beds, you might think that a well-made bed could last twice as long. So perhaps you might spend 60,000 hours on your bed. It pays to buy the right one.

Double Storage BedWhen looking for your small divan, make absolutely sure that you try it out. By that I don’t mean take it home and test it for a week (it would be nice if they’d let you do that, and I believe that there is one company that will actually let you have a 60 night trial!) but most won’t. So just take off your shoes and try the beds out by lying on them for a few minutes.

A reputable store will not mind if you do this, they actually expect you to do so. After all, if you were going to buy a car they’d expect you to take it for a test drive, so why would you not do the same thing with a bed? Actually, you are almost certainly going to keep the bed far longer than you would a car – and also spend more time in it!

Ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable. The bed may be too soft or it may be too firm, but it’s absolutely critical that you finish up with something that suits you both, especially since you won’t have as much room as you would have in a standard sized bed.

Another thing to bear in mind is storage double bed. A double bed of whatever size may well have a base that allows storage – either by way of sliding drawers in the base or shelving. Either way, if you find the right bed for you and it also has storage space in the base it is a bonus.


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