Tips on How to Care for your Mattress

Single Sized MattressA good mattress can last for years. However, you need to take proper care of your mattress for it to serve you for an extended period of time.

First and foremost, you need to turn it routinely. If you are like most people, you sleep on the same spot on your mattress every single night. The problem with this is that it causes the coil springs on your mattress to wear out unevenly whether it is a double sized or a single sized mattress. Ideally, you should turn your mattress every six months. If it is new mattress, you are required to turn it after every two weeks for the first two months. Rotating helps reduce uneven wear. Turning a mattress is easy. All you need to do is rotate its head to foot then flip it over.

Protect your mattress or guest mattress by using bed sheets. In addition to bed sheets, you also need to use washable mattress pads. These prevent dirt from penetrating and sticking to the mattress. They are available for sale in home improvement stores as well as on the Internet. It is wise to invest in mattress protectors. Further to being washable, they are easy to replace. With a mattress protector, you will not need to vacuum the mattress often.

If you have a queen or king sized ortho mattress make sure that that it has centre support. This will help to prevent breakage and bowing. For small beds, a bed frame will prevent the centre from sagging.

Guest MattressUse warm soapy water to remove stains on your mattress. To get rid of stubborn stains and strong odours, use an enzyme cleaner especially on a memory foam mattress UK. However, do not use harsh chemical removers because they will damage the mattress fabric as well as the underlying material. Before using any chemical product on your mattress, it is necessary to research about it. You can easily find out, on the Internet, if a certain product is right for your kind of mattress. If possible, you should contact the mattress company and ask for information on how best to clean your mattress.

You should also not allow kids, and even adults, to jump on your mattress. This damages the mattress making it saggy. A saggy mattress does not offer adequate support.

For the mattress to retain its freshness, you need to air it often. Your body sweats a lot of night and most of the moisture is retained in the mattress. Aerating the mattress helps remove the moisture and odour. Remember to remove the mattress protector and bed sheets before doing so. However, do not put the mattress under direct sunlight, as it will damage the fabric. Make sure that you do not bend or fold your mattress. This will damage the innerspring causing the comfort layers to shift. The result will be an uneven sleeping surface.

To protect your mattress’ performance, it is necessary to turn and air it every so often. You should also use bed sheets and mattress protectors to prevent stains. Avoid folding, bending or jumping on the mattress to prevent damage.


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