An Overview Of Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are a type of mattress that is made from foam rubber. It is a form of rubber that is very soft and has some small holes hence is very suitable for mattresses. Foam mattress is one of the most widely used mattresses in UK.

There are basically two types of foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses

mattres1Memory foam mattresses are the kind of mattress, which were initially meant for NASA who had asked to have the cushions on their aircraft’s improved. The main difference of memory foam mattresses compared to other mattresses is their visco elasticity nature. They have the ability to adjust to the shape of the person lying on the bed. This helps to reduce body movement as one sleeps. Memory foam mattresses also recover very fast to their original shape once the person sleeping moves out of bed. This is one of the main reasons people buy memory foam mattresses.

This mattress is also able to change to warm or cold in response to the body temperature of a person hence during the cold season it is able to make one warm while it can help cool someone during the summer. Memory foam mattresses are useful for people with different ailments like arthritis that spend a lot of time in their beds since it prevents bedsores. Unlike other mattresses storage of memory foam mattresses is not hard since it is easy to fold. It also comes in different sizes with various variations especially on the top cover. Although some people like the mattress since it reduces body movement to some it is a turn off since they claim they are not able to turn in bed well. New memory foam mattresses have a smell that some people do not love when they are new but that smell disappears with time so it should not put one off.

Latex Mattresses

mattress3Latex mattresses are made from a product called latex. Same Latex used to make mattresses is the same material used in car tires hence the durability of the mattresses. It is a liquid that looks like milk and comes from plants. It comes together into a hard rubber when it comes into contact with air. Latex mattresses get into shape much faster than other foam mattresses. Latex mattresses are also more durable than memory foam mattresses. For those people with respiratory problems like asthma latex mattresses would be ideal for them because of their resistance to dust.

One of the cons about latex mattresses is that they are very heavy in weight due to the latex material. Flipping it over or just normal tasks like changing sheets are hard to do. Latex mattresses are made purely from organic rubber hence they are not harmful to the body in any way since there are no chemicals used. It is also naturally resistant to some parasites. These mattresses are also good for people with back problems because of their ability to be both soft and firm at the same time. Latex mattresses should be flipped over from time to time since if one sleeps on one side for too long it tends to form a depression in the shape of the user. They are also very easily disposable because of their biodegradable nature.


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