Beds are no fun without the right kind of mattress

Sleepless night? It could be down to your bed

After a tiring day of work or activity, there is no better feeling than climbing into bed and getting a good nights sleep. For many, falling to sleep is not a problem, for others it can be a nightmare. Not being able to get sleep can be caused by many factors, but the main contributing factor lies with the mattress you are sleeping on. By not having a mattress which fully supports your body weight, can result in an uncomfortable nights sleep, and considering we spend around 6 – 8 hours a day in bed, we really should put more thought into it when buying a new mattress.

Getting the best nights sleep on the right mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is the most important thing in people’s lives. Sounds funny but there could be serious medical ramifications if one goes without, or little sleep for long. Besides absolute silence, what other crucial inputs are required for uninterrupted sleep? You guessed it right – sturdy beds and the right mattress.

These two can make all the difference in providing people with quality sleep. Thus, the key is – finding the right bed and mattress to go with it. Easy said than done, though.

Like people, beds and mattresses also come in all shapes and sizes. Like shoes or toothbrush, one size does not fit them all. Getting the right type of beds or mattress can take a while, and a lot of experimentation. But the right fit, especially where a mattress is concerned, is a must.

In the United Kingdom, there are stores and multi-chains that carry a huge range of beds and even mattresses. There are regular retailers and then the specialised ones. Dreams, Argos, Mattressesworld are some of them.

Beds come in all ranges and types; it all depends on what the customer wants. While buying a bed, if one is going in for the traditional four-poster, look out for one, which has a sturdy bedstead. Bedsteads come in wood as well as metal. There are some beds that come upholstered with leather or cloth.

Then, there are solid wood beds, bed frames that look like wood but are not, metal beds, even TV beds.

More than beds, it is the right mattress that is more difficult to find. There are all kinds of mattresses – from foam to spring to open coil – to name a few. We all know about foam mattresses, this is a kind of mattress that is made up of latex or PU foam. These days, memory foam is the new thing in mattresses. This kind retains the ‘memory’ of your body contours and confirms to it.

A sprung mattress, on the other hand, has traditional springs for support. These kinds of mattresses come in different types like Open Coil, for example. Then there mattresses called Zoned Mattresses, which provide the most amount of support where it is needed the most, in the middle.

One thing that is to be remembered while buying a mattress is what is called as Finishing. These are the top covers of every mattress, a layer between the person using it and the material of the mattress. They come in all varieties – micro quilt, deep quilt and cushion top. All of them include the use of layers of fibre with padded layering on the surface to give added comfort to the sleeper.

Choosing beds and a mattress is no light work. Not only has a potential buyer required to go through some voluminous brochures, he/she is also required to do some amount of window-shopping before settling on the right one. Not to mention the fact that the entire process may set you back quite a quid, but then again, do not complain. Eight hours sleep is something that average human beings require for long and ailment free life.


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