All About Dorlux Beds

Dorlux is one manufacturer of high quality and affordable beds which provide a different experience in comfort using its best materials. Dorlux beds use the latest technologies to meet the needs and demands of its customers with its advanced one of a kind spring system.

It is a company that pays attention to every detail in the well being and quality of sleep. One of the company’s main goals and purposes is to provide a good nights sleep. It has spent over 90 years creating and developing the best sleeping system with its best craftsmanship and available technologies.

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of rejuvenating our mind, body and soul. It is therefore very important that we purchase or invest in good quality beds and mattresses for our own well-being and overall health. Without proper sleep and rest we tend to lose concentration and performance in school, work or even at home. With a high quality and affordable mattress, which understands your needs and best sleeping postures and positions, it will help your body get the maximum rest it needs.

There are many different types of mattresses under the Dorlux range:


Flexiform is an advanced spring system mattress designed by Swiss engineers using the latest technologies. These types of mattress are heat treated twice when formed, and put together through giant oven type machinery. It comprises of more than hundreds of springs which gives comfort to every part of your body leading to a good night’s rest.

Open Coil

This type of spring system is the most commonly used and consists of many rows of springs which are shaped like hourglasses, and joined with a continuous spiral wire which has a specific name known as the helical wire. These coil units also use the heat treating system.

Easy Rest Pocketing Spring System

This is one of the more advanced systems compared to other pocketed systems. It has springs, which are the shape of barrels, which bends fully when compressed. This helps cradle the body with the required spinal support. These springs are heat treated twice and also have a surface, which, unlike the ordinary ones, is silent to any movement we make. It is eco-friendly, non-allergic and non-moisture absorbent.


The Postureline spring system is hand made, heat-treated and has one piece of wire joining all the other springs making them work together in unison. The spring movement in the mattress adapts to the shape of the body and helps it relax. This system is most suitable for frames and bedsteads and has high durability.

Health Range

Another type of mattress or bed that has been recently developed concerns those who have special needs or have certain disabilities. The Health Range is designed to help those who need special types of beds such as electric beds, hypo- allergic beds and extra firm beds. It strives towards developing the best and unique beds for extra care and overall health.

Beds come in different shapes, sizes and dimensions. The end consumer has the choice of choosing from different types of beds according to their personal preferences. Choosing the perfect bed is critical and it is one of the most important decisions to make to achieve the best possible comfort, peaceful rest and overall well being.


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