Beds are no fun without the right kind of mattress

Sleepless night? It could be down to your bed

After a tiring day of work or activity, there is no better feeling than climbing into bed and getting a good nights sleep. For many, falling to sleep is not a problem, for others it can be a nightmare. Not being able to get sleep can be caused by many factors, but the main contributing factor lies with the mattress you are sleeping on. By not having a mattress which fully supports your body weight, can result in an uncomfortable nights sleep, and considering we spend around 6 – 8 hours a day in bed, we really should put more thought into it when buying a new mattress.

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Birlea Single Beds – Affordable and Durable

Birlea Limited was established during the 1990’s, and ever since then it has rapidly made its mark on the bed making industry. Birlea Beds are popular for their practical designs, value for money and durability. The company manufactures wooden, metal, rubber wood, high gloss and faux leather beds. However, Birlea Single Beds are only made in metal, pine and rubber wood material.

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