Dorlux Matress | Mattresses, a century of celestial craftsmanship

Buying a bed and a mattress is an important decision that should be made after careful considerations about comfort, quality of sleep and the unbeatable value bestowed upon the new property. Up to a third of our lives are spent sleeping, making it necessary to invest in a good mattress. Once you have found your favourite bed, whether metallic, leather or wooden; it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the bed has the right linen, the right bed cover and the right mattress to finish it of. For these reasons, Dorlux mattress  has woven a century’s experience in creating fine mattresses and beds with a collection of a wide range of different options to guarantee a queen’s or king’s sleep to a consumer. The best locally made mattresses in UK can be bought from Dorlux beds and mattresses. In order to avoid sleeping badly and living stressful and tired lives throughout, it is important that you recuperate by getting a night’s sleep on a Dorlux mattress.

Dorlux’s advanced systems in bed and mattress manufacture ensures that every little detail in the design and materials used guarantees a great night sleep punctuated with lots of love and passion. The Dorlux Camilla coil spring system is a 13g spring system that offers good support to the whole body. The mattress is also quilted traditionally to offer a luxurious support to the back and backsides. The Cotswold mattress has a posture line supported by several units of spring with many layers of undoubtedly luxurious fibre fillings for additional comfort while in dreamland.

The Dorlux Celebration and Jazz mattresses boast of open coil spring units commonly used in spring mattresses with open coils. These coil springs are wired together beneath the mattress fillings to give you a contemporary feel of affordable comfort. The Dream world Carina posture line mattress is a star buy. Its spring systems contain three times the amount of springs that are used in a normal mattress giving much more comfort and stardom while in bed. Want to get cuddled up? The Dorlux posture supreme mattress with the interlinked springing contours the natural body shape, making you feel like a child in the comfort of mummy’s laps and arms.

The guiding principles behind the manufacture and creation of these mattresses are high quality materials, incredible workmanship standards and unbelievably unbeatable values. This company is an innovator in technology and has mattresses that use over 1000 spring coils in the latest springing and filling technology.

For timeless classics that will make you look and look again, Dorlux mattresses are the answer. The latest collections are the finest that do not cost the whole earth. The quality doesn’t disappoint as these products have been tested and refined over time. In addition, these mattresses have been in the market for so many years providing a memorable night sleep for most of the populace in The United Kingdom.

Conclusively, for timeless memories and memorable nights, a Dorlux mattress will offer you more than that. Whether you are looking for low cost mattresses or beds, be sure to find them here.


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