Complete Comfort at Night with a Dunlopillo Latex Pillow

Having a comfortable pillow is one of the key elements and necessities to getting a good night’s sleep. A Dunlopillo pillow provides ultimate comfort and a consistent support level night after night. By sleeping on a Dunlopillo Latex pillow, you will be one step closer to getting a quality night’s sleep every single night.

Most pillows lose their shape and wear thin over time, losing the comfort that they provided when they were brand new. How often have you had to try and plump your pillow up or add extra pillows to the pile to be as comfortable as you were the night before? The majority of pillows just don’t maintain their depth and shape for as long as we might like.

With a Dunlopillo pillow you are guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep from a pillow that won’t lose it’s consistency and provides just the right amount of support to maintain a healthy neck posture. Made from 100% Dunlopillo latex, each Dunlopillo pillow provides pressure relief to the neck, features an aerated interior to keep it fresh and dry and is hypo-allergenic to reduce allergies.

There are three ranges that you can choose from while trying to find the right Dunlopillo pillow for you.

The Single Zone range features the Opulence which is a deep Dunlopillo latex pillow with a Tempsmart cover that adjusts to changes in your body temperature while you sleep, to keep you at a stable and comfortable temperature throughout the night. The Tranquility pillow has the same features, but is slimmer for shallow support.

The Classic range pillows are deeper and firmer than the two in the Single Zone range to provide a deep and luxurious Dunlopillo latex pillow while maintaining firm support for your head and neck. This range contains the Super Comfort, which is the deeper of the two, and the slimmer Serenity Deluxe pillow. Both pillows in this range come with zipped stretch knit removable covers.

The Specialist Pillows range has been developed to meet specific specialist requirements and contains the Kontur, which is a shaped Dunlopillo latex pillow that is available in either 9cm or 12cm depth. The curved shape is designed to adjust and mould to your head and neck position for maximum comfort. The other pillow in the Specialist Pillow range is the Slim. This slim and compact pillow is ideal for use when travelling and for most people who sleep on their back or front. Both pillows in this range come with zipped stretch knit removable covers.

If sleeping comfortably at night is a priority for you, then a pillow from one of Dunlopillo’s quality ranges may be just what you are needing. Specially made to keep their shape and provide maximum comfort and support, they’re the perfect pillow to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep every night.

With the extensive range that they offer, you are sure to find a Dunlopillo latex pillow that feels right for you and suits your sleeping position. Choose from a deep or slim Dunlopillo pillow for maximum comfort, night after night.


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